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its 4:06 in the morning right now and everyones asleep.
i can hear someone throwing up through the wall.
i wanted to share a poem written by anthony green with you.
here it is.

5.99 2 for 10.
Were here and together.
Anti vitamin in the crudest form of nutrients.
You cant hold it against them she said, she believes that all those who suffer from life is from an illness or in the right.
The woman in the lobby stares me down mocking and unconcerned.
In california news anchors all look like they were plucked from the threesome porno scene, you've got one hot slutty vixen type, one down from her is the short hot business women and in between them is an orange colored 3 piece suit, white haired and 50 something, witty, with a dirty tired smile.
The man staying next door, plays his radio just loud enough so you can tell theres something really close on.
When this whole thing started I was a name now theres a definition and a reason.
The more I expect the harder things are.
Jesus and the sharp electric star.

i cant get that poem off my mind i wish i knew what it meant.
i also wish i could find a girl.
who can make me happy.
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